Learn to create free demo web server

free demo web server

In order to create any application or services, the basic thing you need there is server. By the end of this article you can learn to create free demo web server. The are many giant providers like amazon, cloudfront, rackspace giving you a virtual private servers with the cost on per hour, per month, etc. A server is nothing but the environment or program with having some configurations like.
i) CentOS 6+
ii) 512 MB RAM
iii) 8 GB disk space
iv) sudo or root level permissions.

The web server refers HTTP server software in the machine, which gives you the Web site functionality. HTTP is the protocol of the Web, and HTTP server software, such as Microsoft’s IIS and the open source Apache server, accepts requests from the user’s browser and responds by sending back HTML documents (Web pages) and files.

Every server has specific IP address, for example if you enter the url http://www.example.com in the browser, this send request to the webserver having domain name http://www.example.com.

There are four leading web servers − Apache, IIS, lighttpd and Jagsaw. Among this apache is most popular open source web server in the world developed by the Apache Software Foundation

Free demo web server signup

In that environment you need to install, applications like php to use it. You can learn about this process by creating practice server here. Click on the link here and signup with your credentials.

Once you are done with the signup, now you ready to create the environment. Click ‘create environment button’ in the screen, then the environment will start creating for you.start environment button on free demo web server

After the environment process creation finished, you can see the demo server host details like below screen. Note down all your host details.centos ready on free demo web server

Using the demo environment

The created server will valid for one day. You can enter the demo environment through the ssh username and password. To enter through ssh in windows machine you need tool like putty, in ubuntu machine you can use the terminal.

   ssh root@uvo1b6bh5ai6tlzv5ma.vm.cld.sr

terminal on free demo web server