Learn to create free demo web server

free demo web server
In order to create any application or services, the basic thing you need there is server. By the end of this article you can learn to create free demo web server. The are many giant providers like amazon, cloudfront, rackspace giving you a virtual private servers with the cost on per hour, per month, etc. A server is nothing but the environment or program with having some configurations like. i) CentOS 6+ ii) 512 MB RAM iii) 8 GB disk space iv) sudo or root level permissions. ...

Allowed memory size exhausted fix

Allowed memory size exhausted fix, while doing huge export from mysql databases if the query data exceeds the maximum then it will result in error. You can fix this issue temporairly by changing memory settings in your php.ini file or .htaccess file. increasing this memory limit to 256M or 512M. But instead of doing this you can fix the issue by slight change in coding algorithm. Sample pseudocode format to export the data. Before: After: Use this format as per your framew...